G&G Oversized Truck and Freight Hauling

G&G Specialized Carriers is a freight and trucking company equipped to handle any haul large or small. Our trucking company is your one stop solution to any freight or hauling challenge. Whether you are shipping an overweight generator or an oversized piece of manufacturing equipment, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

Equipment Hauling & Freight Shipping

We primarily service government, construction and manufacturing industries but, we are equipped to handle any hauling problem. Our equipment is state of the art, inspected and tested to ensure safety. All of our trucks and trailers are customized to handle your specific freight challenge. Our seasoned drivers are some of the best in the industry with years of oversized freight shipment experience. They understand the obstacles and challenges of equipment hauling and freight shipping. We’ve tailored our business around making freight and hauling challenges easier and safer to deal with.

We can provide hauling and freight service in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

G&G Specialized Carriers has over 50 years of trucking, and hauling experience. Give us a call and let our team of experts help you deliver any load small or large.

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